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"Started as project by Andy Fletcher in 2013, BURDEN has evolved into a full band over the years and has become a serious force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Boston and with 2 eps under their belt the band is ready to present you their earth-shattering debut album SCORCHED EARTH
BURDEN is here to deliver the hardest style Oi! imbued with an ideology that is at odds with the current of societal trends. Songs about personal pride, personal power and growth- anti Nihilism- anti chaos. Purging one’s life of toxic elements and traitorous people. Strength through adversity and resistance to bring order to one’s life. Honoring the traditions and old ways without shame, and resisting violent intrusions upon them.
SCORCHED EARTH must be the hardest new stuff we heard this year, maybe even the most brutal Oi! release of the past decade! The band members are active in various hardcore bands and those influences definitely shine through in the sound of BURDEN. The US pressing on Rock ‘n’ Roll Disgrace Records earlier this year sold out quickly, Rebellion Records is proud to present you the European pressing with slightly adapted artwork and packaging.

-Rebellion Records

Burden - "Scorched Earth" LP

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