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Dirty Punk Records / Punk ‘n’ Loud Records / Deadlamb Records / Dirty Old Man Records


"Going at it since 1996, Disturbance have been one of the longest running streetpunk bands out of the Netherlands. But despite their 22 years of existence, releases have been scarce with just one EP (2001), one split 12” (2011) and two full-length albums, namely “Malice In Slumberland” (2003) and “Shades Of Fear” (2007). Fortunately the Dutch punks changed this earlier this year with the release of “Tox Populi”, the band’s long awaited, third album for Dirty Punk, Punk ‘n’ Loud, Deadlamb and Dirty Old Man Records!"     -American Oi!


Disturbance- "Tox Populi" LP- Toxic Green Vinyl

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