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Barking Mad- Stone Age- EP

Drunken Rampage- Cause Punk Ain't Pretty- LP TTR-02

Like a pack of wild dogs on a welcoming committee, Barking Mad is here to bite you square on the ass and tear you to shreds. From the Toilet to your ears, Stone Age is raw and in your face; so blast it loud and punish your neighborhood! You gotta keep moving forward to keep up with this crazy shit. Don’t turn your back on this release!

Ever seen a Truckstop Toilet up close? Much the same as Drunken Rampage’s ‘Cause Punk Ain't Pretty', it will assault all of your senses and leave you crying! This hard hitting, bellyaching, Punk Rock band from NYC features members of Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys and the Krays. This is a limited release, on vinyl for the first time. Giant Poster included. Get it now...

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Oi!l Change- Unfinished- LP

The long awaited debut LP, "Unfinished"-
Assaulting you with 8 tracks of Anthemic Gold!
Oi!l Change delivers a sound that could only be made under the bleak, grey skies of the cold Midwest.
Sometimes Pogo, Sometimes Street Rock...

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