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Strongarm And The Bullies are back! 19 years after the release of their debut album on Rebellion Records the band comes back in full force with a brandnew album and 2 tours to support it! Their characteristic sound has been developed into street rock ‘n’ roll perfection with a tight, warm and punchy sound that push the charismatic vocals to greater heights than ever before.
A street level point of view and rock ‘n’ roll antics with alcohol-fueled melancholic reflections. The band doesn’t shy away from taking a stand in the song Red, White and Blue and they let you know loud and clear what they think of the alternative right and American politics.
The band sounds more mature but at the same time more angry and driven then ever before and with “Drive On” they have undoubtedly recorded their best stuff to date.
The album combines artwork from 2 great scene artist; Johan Prenger who painted the front cover and Ramon Girones who is responsible for the Iron Fist graphic on the insert and the general lay-out.
The entire record has been recorded by the band themselves and they built their own studio to do so. The recordings were eventually mixed and mastered by Freek De Greef (Live By The Sword).

Strongarm & The Bullies - "Drive On" LP - Transparent Red

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